A Variety of Video Gaming Types

A computer or video game is a digital game that entails interaction with an external user interface or physical input device through a keyboard, mouse, joystick, or other motion sensitive device to generate virtual visual feedback to the player. Games can be single player, multiplayer, and role playing (a.k.a. RPGs) titles. There are hundreds of different types of games on the market today. One can purchase any type of game from a local shop, store, or online.


Video gaming has become increasingly sophisticated in recent years with the introduction of high definition (HD) or “pro” video gaming. These newer titles offer incredibly clear and crisp images that can’t be achieved through earlier systems. The quality of image and sound effects are so real and life like, that many people feel as if they are actually participating in the game. This type of gaming is typically more expensive than other types, but can provide better overall entertainment value for a fraction of the cost.

Online gaming is another type of video gaming that uses a centralized server to connect a large number of users, creating a very realistic and interactive experience. An individual player can log on and play against someone else from anywhere in the world. Some servers are based in real-world locations and allow users to trade strategies, collaborate on projects, or engage in instant Multiplayer gaming also offers another type of thrill for those who enjoy a challenge, as they can compete against friends, family members, or rivals.