An Activity Involving Physical Skill: Sport

Sports is often defined as an organized level of physical activity, like baseball or basketball. Many forms of competitive athletics and some games like netball are also classed as sports. The word sports often refers to an array of activities which all involve some degree of physical activity. It is estimated that sports are played in the US every minute of every day. There are many different types of sports and several sub-categories of sports. These categories often overlap and some sports may be played as part of a team or in competitions.


An obvious type of sport is ice hockey, but ice hockey is often played as part of a team, with each one playing a specific role, such as being a defensive player, a forward, or a goalie. Each member of the team has a particular skill, and these skills are used to take turns playing that skill until the game is over. For example, defensemen can skate, play the puck, defend the goal, or any number of other skills. Offensive players have skills that help them score goals. Goals are scored based on a player’s ability to hit a ball with a paddle or any other sort of tool to break the opposing team’s goal frame. The object of the game is for the team to eventually win, and if no goals are scored during overtime or sudden death, then the team will win.

Although most activities involve physical skill, there are also activities which involve the use of certain psychological tactics or strategies, which are not physically focused but do require the exertion of mental acuity. The definition of sport itself is somewhat vague, but we typically think of it as a game or sport wherein competitors attempt to beat each other using various tactics. This definition is further limited by the fact that it could include any number of competitorrous activities. One important fact to recognize when considering sports is that while most people readily think of team sports such as American football and soccer as examples of this activity, other games, such as billiards or chess, also qualify.