What Is a Game?

A game is a structured activity that is undertaken for entertainment or remuneration. While most games involve an element of play, they can also be educational. The differences between work and games are that work is usually carried out for remuneration, while art is usually an expression of aesthetic or ideological elements. Whether a game is a work of art depends on its purpose, but the definition of a game is not always clear.


A game’s tools and rules are essential for its outcome. Games of physical skill are cultural universals, and if enough changes are made, they will result in an “unknown” game. For example, baseball can be played with real baseballs, wiffleballs, or with three bases. The rules of a game are often intentionally altered, but meta-rules, which define how to score, and how to interact with other players, are immutable.

There are various types of games. The most popular type of games is the rhythm game. This one requires players to keep a beat. Some of these games are Guitar Hero, Dance Revolution, and Just Dance. Another type of game is Mario, which requires players to control a character in third-person and navigate an obstacle course. Learning games are also popular, and tend to focus on teaching skills. Most of these games are designed for younger players.