What is a Video Game?

What exactly is a video game? Video games can be computer games, hand held consoles, or video arcade systems. A video game is a computer game or video electronic game that entails interaction with an interactive user interface or input device, including a keyboard, mouse, joystick, or touch screen device, to produce visual output. The player uses a keypad, mouse, or joystick to interact with the computer or game environment.

In the past, video games meant games for use on personal computers, gaming console systems, or video arcade machines. Video computer games have since become a mainstream pastime, now being played on personal computers, laptops, cell phones, and other portable devices. Although some game companies have designed games for handheld video game consoles such as the PSP, many video game players now enjoy their games the way they did when they were playing them for years on personal computers. Today’s game players not only use their fingertips to play games, but also rely on accessories such as game controllers and memory cards to enhance their enjoyment of their games.

Over the past several years there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are playing video games across a wide variety of different platforms and for a wide variety of different reasons. For many people, playing a video game has become a part of everyday life. Adults now regularly play computer and video game console games, using these devices as an excuse to have a little fun during a hectic workday. For younger children, video games provide an outlet for entertainment that helps to alleviate some of the pressure of school and provide them with a chance to explore their imagination and creativity.