What Is Beauty?

In the Renaissance, the concept of beauty was redefined in a new light. The artists Botticelli, Raphael, and Leonardo created beautiful works of art with different faces. In some of their Madonna paintings, the woman’s face is delicate and destructible; in others, the woman’s face conveys maternal tenderness. Regardless of the artist’s purpose, all of their works are considered beautiful. But what is beauty?


Beauty is a combination of qualities that appeal to our sense of sight and aesthetics. This includes the shape and symmetry of the face, age, race, gender, body shape, weight, and ethnicity. Today, beauty is also defined by popular culture. The definition of beauty changes over time and is subjective to societal expectations. But the concept of beauty has remained the same for the last two millennia. Whether it is a man, woman, or child, beauty is a universally admired quality.

The definition of beauty varies widely. It is a term that appeals to the aesthetic senses and can include a variety of different qualities. It is often correlated with aesthetic qualities, such as symmetry and femininity. But the word is not always used as a universal criteria for evaluating all works, but rather as a subjective criterion for a work’s value. The meaning of beauty is also subject to debate.