Computer and Video Games Involve Human Intelligence

Gaming is the general term used to describe any computer or video games that require a player to interact with an artificial interface that simulates physical activity. A computer or video game is usually an interactive computer program or virtual reality that involves direct interaction with a user interface or input device, including a keyboard, mouse, joystick, or similar device, to produce visual feedback from within the game itself. Video games are normally designed to provide some kind of challenge or entertainment by requiring players to solve puzzles, strategize and advance through levels, to earn points, or to collect various items and upgrades within the game environment. This type of game can appeal to a wide variety of people of all ages, but it has been especially successful among the young.


The most popular form of gaming is card games, also known as “roid” games because they typically require players to manipulate and position themselves in order to strategically attack and defend themselves against numerous enemies. Card games have been wildly popular for many years and their staying power is based on their ability to provide engaging, strategic and often times difficult gameplay. Other popular video game types include sports such as football and basketball, car games, and casino games. Many video gaming systems include built-in card games, but players can also purchase additional cards to play on their system at home. These video gaming systems tend to be expensive, and some of the more popular brands include Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Play-logic.

Modern computer and video games are designed to be enjoyed by a large range of people of all ages and abilities. Some of the more sophisticated games involve skill-testing puzzles, massive multi-player games, and realistic physics. Older players who are still familiar with the personal computers and game consoles of their childhood may be surprised to find that many of the current generation of PC games involve very complex and challenging mathematical equations and require players to apply their advanced mathematics skills to solve them. Video gaming devices are continually evolving to include better and more complex capabilities, and gaming is now more interactive and vibrant than ever before.