FX Leaders Signals Report 2012-2020

Last updated: April 27, 2020

After central banks and governments around the world have injected large amounts of cash into the world economy, in the three-year period following the 2008 financial crisis, the 2009 financial crisis is showing a bullish trend. Stock markets rose nicely, as did commodity money. The USD declined despite the recovery in the U.S. economy, which was the first to recover from the global crisis. The default stop loss and profit profit for short-term forex signals was then between 30 and 15 kernels, so in 2012 we had a reasonable number of signals, exactly 1116 signals, so 4234 pips.

In 2012, the Greek crisis ensued after massive protests followed a deep recession in the economy and many people lost their lives in the country. Greece went to the polls to question eurozone membership, but the Greek people decided to stay in the EU later. The markets have been very volatile these two years as Grexit has hung over our heads. As a result, our profit decreased by 414 points in 2012 and 2,321 points in 2014.

But in 2015, o performance improved again as the Greek issue disappeared from the markets and the bullish trend in risky assets continued. 4066 pipettes were prepared from 1109 signals. In 2016, we also produced a fair amount of seeds at 4,746, but the number of signals was lower at 733 as the Brexit referendum and the U.S. election, which resulted in Donald Trump as the winner, sent shock waves to markets.

In 2017, we made some technical changes to our forex signals, so the default takeover gain and stop loss on long-term signals increased to 30 and 40 kernels, respectively, so the number of signals decreased to 499, but the gain increased drastically to 9286 pips.

2018 was another great year for us as we reserved 9,900 pipettes out of 1,064 signals. That year, our colleague Arslan joined our signaling team, so it had a positive impact on our performance as well as the number of signals. 2019 was a bit difficult, there was a trade war, and the global economy collapsed tightly, so we put out 2,089 pipes last year. This year has been a terrible one for the global economy, but we have risen by nearly 1,000 points so far.

FX Leader signals by month

Year Number of forex signals P / L
2012 1116 4234
2013 1411 414
2014 1139 2321
2015 1109 4066
2016 733 4746
2017 499 9286
2018 1064 9900
2019 812 2089
2020 188 730

The total amount



Bad Forex

For us, the main focus is the forex market, so most of our trading signals are in forex pairs. Large forex companies pay special attention as they are the least liquid assets and therefore the number of signals on these forex pairs is higher. EUR / USD is the most liquid pair, so the highest number of signals was concentrated, as we opened 2024 signals, achieving the highest profit at 6982 pips. The other forex majors came in second, with 626 AUD / USD at 2166 pips, 1348 pips and 1545 pips at GBP / USD, 2198 pips at NZD / USD and 2115 USD / CAD. During this period, a total of 21,218 pip forex was created in forex.

Forex couple

Number of forex signals

P / L

AUD / JPY 1 30
AUD / USD 626 2,166
CAD / JPY 2 62
EUR / AUD 15 387
EUR / CHF 281 365
EUR / GBP 304 779
EUR / JPY 220 900
EUR / USD 2,024 6,982
GBP / AUD 16. 203
GBP / CAD 1 -41
GBP / CHF 1 -40
GBP / JPY 210 1,118
GBP / USD 1,348 1,545
NZD / JPY 2 30
NZD / USD 534 2,198
USD / CAD 445 2,115
USD / CHF 280 1,078
USD / JPY 961 1,341

The total amount




Number of forex signals

P / L

DOW 1 -29.
DAX 81. 2,786
Nikkei225 45 1,524
S&P500 37 375
FTSE 1 112

Gr and Total



Indexjelek P / L

Stock markets are easier to trade as the trend has been upward from the start, despite some stifling. The biggest retreats in 2011, 2016, after the Brexit vote, occurred last year, last year when the trade war took on the world economy and the whole mood, and of course this year’s retreat was the biggest of them all, apparently because of the coronavirus. We only finished on one index, the DOW Jones, although we only had one mark there. Dax was the most profitable, so he got 2786 pips for us, followed by Nikkei with 1524 pips.

Trademarks P / L

The commodity market was the second most profitable market for us. We focus on major commodities like gold and crude oil, which are also the two most liquid commodities out there. We had 435 marks in Gold so far, we booked 3,087 seeds, while we opened 163 marks in American crude oil, bringing in 7,343 seeds. Total gains were 10,430 items.

Goods Number of forex signals P / L
Gold 435 3,087
US oil 163 7,343
Complete 598 10,430
cryptopenz Number of forex signals P / L
Ethereum 2 781
Litecoin 4 -2,645
Complete 6. -1,864

Bad cryptocurrency

We were not very active in the crypto market, mainly due to huge spreads and volatility. But 2019 was not a great year for us in the crypto market. We got a couple of winning signals earlier this year at Bitcoin and Ethereum, but we were on the wrong side of the tide when the big bullish turnaround happened. I thought big levels like $ 5,000, $ 6,000 and $ 10,000 provide some resistance on the way up, but they broke quite easily, so we suffered some losses in Bitcoin and closed the year with a big loss. in this market. , which had an impact on the overall profits of all markets. Although we still ended the year with a fair profit.

Long – term / short – term breakdown

Number of forex signals P / L
Long-term 489 3,350
Short period 7,584 34,436
Complete 8,071 37,786

Breakdown of profit / loss

Number of forex signals P / L
Victory 5,297 143,556
Loss 2,627 -105,770
Complete 8,071 37,786

Buy / sell breakdown

Number of forex signals P / L
buy 3,160

Sell ​​4,91121,015 Total 8,071 37,786