The Definition of Beauty

The experience of beauty is a deeply personal experience, and the pleasure of beauty can be described in many ways. Regardless of cultural or societal differences, people tend to view beauty in different ways. In ancient Greece, Plotinus wrote that the concept of beauty is a combination of delight and delicious trouble. This ecstatic feeling of wonderment and trembling can be the source of attraction or love. For many people, this is the essence of what beauty means.


Beauty is the quality of pleasing the eye and aesthetic senses. Various factors can contribute to the perception of beauty, including the symmetry of a face, age, race, gender, body shape, and weight. Other criteria that influence the definition of beauty are the aesthetic appeal and the social status of the individual. A beautiful person can be a mother or a wife, a mother-to-be, or an attractive person with a good sense of style and manners.

The most common definitions of beauty include the symmetry of a woman’s face and her figure. But what makes a person beautiful? What are the qualities of a beautiful person? The first criterion of beauty is that it must be aesthetically appealing. In addition to that, it should be pleasing to the mind. And the second criterion is that beauty should be attainable to everyone. However, a person’s look should be natural, not perfect.