The Opinion About Beauty

Beauty is frequently defined as a psychological quality of certain objects, which makes these objects pleasant to see. These objects may be natural objects like sunsets, landscapes, beautiful humans and unique artistic works of art. Beauty, along with aesthetic sense, is today the most important subject of aesthetic art, among the various branches of philosophy. Art psychologists emphasize the importance of determining the emotional response we have towards a work of art – whether it is pleasant or not.


Aesthetic ideals have their roots in culture, as the definition of beauty varies from culture to culture. For instance, Eastern Europe, the former communist region, regards beauty as ideals in clothes and cosmetics. On the other side of the spectrum, Western cultures consider beauty to be in things related to art, literature and architecture. In addition, there are also cultural differences in what people consider as beautiful. Some would consider the thin, long figure of a Greek athlete to be beautiful, while others would look down on the flamboyance of a skier.

Beauty is not only a physical trait, but it is a mental attitude as well, one that can be influenced by culture and society. However, unlike beauty standards in other parts of the world, beauty beliefs in the west are often based on universal moral principles. For instance, a beautiful woman is believed to be beautiful because she is clean, white, and smart. Similarly, a healthy, thin man is deemed to be beautiful because he is strong, powerful and intellectual. Thus, although some cultures may have different definitions of beauty, the ideas behind them can be broadly similar.