Types of Computer Role-Playing Games

The idea of playing computer games is not just limited to the hardcore gamer looking for an adrenaline rush; it is also applicable to everyone from the little child enjoying his first mouse click to the corporate executive enjoying the benefits of a healthy fitness routine. Playing computer games has a number of benefits that make them a popular activity among individuals of all ages. One of the most popular computer games is a computer strategy game which makes use of a computer screen to provide 3D graphics and realistic interaction; these games have become a huge hit among all age groups and they continue to be one of the most popular entertainment options available today.


Computer game genres cover a wide spectrum of styles ranging from the fun fact experience based games like card games to more action packed adventure titles. Computer Role Playing Games (CSGs) which are multiplayer online role playing games are another sub-genre of the gaming world, which are very popular amongst gamers. They combine the fun fact based gameplay of a card game with real life skill based challenges. They also encompass racing games and action based shooting games, which are also very popular among all age groups.

Computer Role Playing Games offer the gamer a chance to become almost anybody they want to be by gaining a number of customizable features that allow them to take on the persona of virtually any character they can dream up. Some of these features include customizable backgrounds, player avatars, weapons, and even special moves which allow the player to take on a different role in the game world. Computer gaming has evolved to such a degree today where almost every aspect of the game world is customizable and realistic allowing the game players to do whatever they want. One of the most popular online games in the genre is Age of Empire. In this game, players take on the role of the Thane of Aeliaia, a prince taken form the land of Essos during the time of the Trojan War and must fight to reunite the two nations while battling against the Trojan army themselves.