Types of Entertainment Games

Games have always been a popular entertainment for people. They vary from children’s games to the more advanced ones for adults, everyone loves to play them at one time or another. A great example of a game is the very popular Angry Birds. Although it has been in the market for quite some time, it still continues to be one of the most downloaded applications on the internet.


In video games, individuals will often use their keyboard or controllers to direct what occurs on a screen, including computer ones and television ones as well. In card games, players utilize playing cards as a means of interaction with the other players. There are even games that make use of your body, like the Kinect.

In contrast, the token system in the main article uses playing cards as a means of interaction. Players roll dice to determine the number of game pieces that will be present on the chessboard. They then place their playing cards onto the chessboard and use these playing cards to take actions in the game. These actions can range from moving game pieces around the board to playing a particular chess piece, or it can be used to make purchases using real money from the in-app currency marketplace.