Video Games – Why Are They So Expensive?

Video games have become an American pastime and have become very expensive. It is true that there are many expensive video games out there, but are they worth it? In a world where college students spend thousands of dollars a year on video games, is it worth it? How about in a country where families can’t afford to buy new video games for the family to enjoy? Video games have become an obsession; even kids are begging their parents to buy them the next new game!


With the rise of pay-to-play websites, many games now require players to pay up to $50 before they can start playing. This not only makes in-game purchases more expensive, but the practice of paying this high price for in-game content is harmful to the economy of the Internet. Not to mention, many games now require users to pay this fee before they are able to download any of their in-game content.

The economic model of pay-to-play gaming is nothing new, though it has recently gotten more popular. A pay-to-play website will usually charge a small one time fee for all of its in-game content. They then use this fee to make their money, and give incentives to people who play their games on their site. Whether or not this model is good for the future of the Internet, it’s sure clear that it is not good for the economy of the game.