What Are Games?

Games are structured forms of play, usually undertaken for entertainment, but may also be educational. While a game is not a work of art, it does involve aesthetic elements. Some games are works of art and are considered a form of creativity, as they can serve as a vehicle to express personal expression or skill. They can be played by amateurs, professionals, or even groups of people. The popularity of online games is increasing. They have become a popular way to spend time with friends and family.


Games can be classified by the type of action players take. The terms key elements and gameplay are used to describe these aspects. Most games have major key elements, such as rules and tools, which help define the context of the game. For example, chess pieces are displayed on the top row, while Monopoly hotels and tokens are shown at the bottom. In addition, there are many examples of incremental games, including those that involve physical activity.

There are several different definitions of a game, but the most widely accepted definition is a combination of the two. A game can be a cooperative activity or a competitive event, but it is best described as a means to achieve a goal. For example, a game can be a role-playing activity, or a form of cooperation. Some games also include card games, which use cards to represent various elements of the game.