What Are the Different Types of Sports?

Sports are very physical activities, competitive games and exercises. There are two types of sports: contact and non-contact sports. Contact sports include boxing, wrestling, MMA, kickboxing, snooker, tennis, badminton, track and field and swimming. Non-contact sports include gymnastics, aerobics, table tennis, badminton, basketball and softball. All sports are physically competitive.


Chess is a sport that combines strategy and technique. It is also known as a game of mind because a player needs to be on top of his opponent at all times to win. Chess is not a physical activity, but it is a mental game that involves concentration, analysis and knowledge of various strategies and tactics. While there are many opinions about the value and importance of chess, the one thing that people with no experience agree on is that it is a sport that teaches its players valuable skills such as patience, commitment, determination, dedication, analytical skills and sportsmanship.

Sports also include dance, gymnastics, hockey, baseball, softball, swimming and cycling. These sports can be considered physical activities, because they require some degree of exertion and use of muscles and tendons. They are also competitive in nature, as they involve skill, agility, endurance, strength, and good health and fitness. However, unlike other physical activities, sports require one to be fit, healthy, and mentally tough.