What is Gaming?

Gaming is the action of playing video games (either offline or online) with a computer or other personal computer system. A computer game is simply an electronic game which involves interaction with an user interface or input appliance including a mouse, joystick, keyboard, or light sensor. The earliest types of computer games were simple text-based games that had you clicking a square on a grid to move the cursor around the screen; today, there are hundreds of different types of computer games including everything from complex word games to simple board games.


Computer gaming devices include personal computers, handhelds, handheld gaming consoles, and gaming accessories such as controllers, cards, and discs. Video gaming systems consist of video game consoles and accessories that allow users to play interactive console-based games via their personal computers. Both used and new computer games can be played online for free by visiting websites that offer game downloads. These websites have revolutionized the gaming industry by providing consumers with free downloadable versions of high-quality video games.

Video gaming is a multi-billion dollar business that has provided a medium through which many people can express themselves and enjoy interactive computer games. As technology advances, new innovative features in electronic games are continually introduced to the gaming market. For example, some years ago the Wii took the country by storm. This revolutionary gaming system is a combination of an advanced gaming console and an extremely popular hand-held console; it allows users to play various types of gaming content by using the motion sensor controls similar to those found in most modern video gaming consoles. In addition to the exciting new features already mentioned, new consoles such as Xbox and Nintendo Wii continue to expand the capabilities of gaming.