What Is Gaming?

If you’re wondering what gaming is, the definition is pretty simple. It is described as an interactive use of computers or gaming devices where one or more computers are used to simulate reality through the use of graphics, sounds, and interactivity. Video games are the most common type of gaming and can be found on several different types of media such as CD-ROM, Internet, DVD and other video formats. Computer gaming is a very popular leisure activity. There are many different types of gaming from shooting to racing and fighting.


A computer or video game is generally defined as an electronic game which involves interaction with a user interface, display device or external input device to generate or display visual output to produce visual feedback to the user. The term ‘video’ is usually used in association with computer gaming and refers to the ability of a computer or video card to exhibit images on a screen. Computer games can also include aspects of physics like movement and interaction. Computer games are now so sophisticated that many are played on mobile phones and other portable media players.

There are a number of different places where you can find gaming devices. They can be purchased from electronics retailers like Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart or gaming stores. There are online merchants who sell gaming devices and related accessories. Many people who are not well versed in technology choose to purchase gaming systems online since the gaming experience is often enhanced if you have the system to help you learn and adapt to the gaming experience.