Social Networking and Gaming

A computer game or video game is an interactive computer game that entails interaction with a human user interface device, typically including a keyboard, mouse, PlayStation 2 or Xbox, or other interactive device, to generate virtual tactile feedback from a player’s interaction with the game. Video games are increasingly complex and sophisticated, resulting in significant changes in how we play video games. We can now take part in virtual war games and quests with fellow gamers around the world. We can become pirates and raid ship crews to gain wealth and fame. We can be astronauts and travel to distant planets.


Gaming has also evolved so that it is integrated with social networking. Video games now often incorporate chat rooms, and allow players to create and join networks that they will connect with through the video games themselves. Social networking video games such as MySpace are popular. These online interactions with other people have expanded the boundaries of human interaction.

What is interesting about today’s world is that the video games that we play often do not require us to have specialized knowledge of the game in order to enjoy it fully. We can be a winner right out of the box just by playing the game. The result of this is a growing crowd of people playing games just for fun, and the developers of these games are able to make lots of money because they sell a lot of different titles each year. This means that the profits from gaming industry are increasing each year. In fact, research shows that the profits generated by gaming can reach up to $24 billion annually. This makes gaming one of the wealthiest industries in the world.