Aesthetics and Science

Beauty is often defined as a subjective feature of things that makes those objects appealing to the senses. These objects can be beautiful sunsets, landscapes, humans and artistic works. Beauty, with art and beauty, is perhaps the most important topic of aesthetics, among the major branches of aesthetics. It is used in a broad sense to mean the beauty of anything. The most common example of beauty is a beautiful woman.


Philosophical aesthetics traces its origins to a debate between Descartes and Parmenides in the seventeenth century. In the debate, Descartes claimed to know a definition of beauty through his own sensory experience, whereas Parmenides maintained that beauty is a quality of the mind. Later philosophers developed the term into an extensive philosophical study, encompassing aesthetic science, art history, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, and other areas. The focus of aesthetic science is to describe and identify the physical and psychological qualities that lead to the appreciation of beauty.

Aesthetics studies range widely into aesthetic philosophy, from a simple description of a beautiful face to complex scientific explanations of why some paintings or sculptures are beautiful while others are not. Most aesthetic research deals with issues of appearance, describing and explaining the relation between appearance and emotions, explaining the relationship between beauty and behavior, explaining the relation between beauty and health, identifying the physical and psychological qualities that make a face beautiful, identifying the relationship between beauty and disease, identifying the psychological and emotional aspects of beauty, exploring the role of culture in beauty, the definition of beauty, and analyzing the effects of beauty on the body, mind, and society. Aesthetics has had a tremendous effect on the way we see the world around us. Whether you are a scientist looking for a biological explanation of beauty or an aesthetician looking for the emotional basis of beauty, aesthetics has had a tremendous impact on our understanding of ourselves and of the world around us.