American Gaming Industry

A computer game or video game is a digital game that entails interaction with an interactive user interface or input device, including a keyboard, mouse, joystick, or video gaming hardware, to produce visual output on the screen. In contrast to a game console, a computer game does not require software to be installed to run; rather, the computer game requires a computer and an Internet connection. Some games are downloaded from the Internet to a personal computer and need no installation, while other video games require installation through the use of a CD-ROM. Most video games require an Internet connection to access special features such as online gaming and chat room functionality.


Computer games can be for single player or multi-player gaming. In single-player video gaming, one player engages in game play against a computer or another player; typically, a computer game session may last up to 20 hours or longer. Multi-player gaming is the term used to describe a game where several computers are operational at the same time; players compete against each other using various Internet protocols to interact with each other. Video gaming systems are designed to provide broadband Internet services to users in the form of a high-speed Internet connection, usually provided by DSL or cable modem technology. Some video gaming systems are referred to as application video gaming systems (VAM), as they are designed primarily to support specific computer games.

As the rapid growth of the Internet and related technologies have demonstrated, gaming has become an important part of the electronic entertainment market. According to a survey conducted in 2021, Americans spend approximately $chance and one hour per week playing online video games. This constitutes an incredible amount of time and money being spent on gaming! As a result of this large amount of American spending on video gaming, there is now a wide range of different online computer game accessory manufacturers who are attempting to enter the American marketplace. These companies are attempting to provide equipment that will enhance user interaction while playing video games.