Computer Gaming Basics

Games have the ability to appeal to individuals of all ages. A video game console is designed primarily to entertain and provide relaxation while allowing players to compete against each other. Video games can be for single player or multi-player gaming with up to four people. Multiplayer video games are those where two or more players are connected through a network or online service where one player controls a group of characters while the others try to accomplish goals by making use of weaponry and/or vehicles.


The prevalence of multiplayer video games has created new markets for electronic games. With this in mind, it is not surprising to see companies like Electronic Arts Inc. release multiple titles each year. These titles often require that the user interact with other players either through the internet or through personal computers. Some of these games are developed by outside companies but are licensed by Electronic Arts to be played on various platforms. Other companies develop their own proprietary titles and publish them through retailers who sell video game consoles and other electronic games.

Some examples of popular gaming consoles include Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., Nintendo Corporation of America, Dell Computer Inc. and Microsoft Corporation of America. Some gaming computers are manufactured by third parties such as Coolrod Electronics and Sun Microsystems. The popularity of gaming computers has led to the development of numerous peripherals that are designed to enhance the gaming experience. Video game controllers, keyboards and wireless mouse are some of the peripheral devices used with computer gaming.