Beauty – What Is It?

Beauty is defined as that quality which makes objects pleasant to see. This quality may be in the form of beauty in the face of a beautiful face, a piece of work, beauty in nature, or any other feature of things which makes these things appealing to the senses. Beauty, with art and design, is the most important area of aesthetic philosophy, one of the most important branches of applied philosophy. It is argued by many that beauty encompasses all of the values that human beings have, including moral and spiritual value.


Art, as we know it today, has become a way for many to express themselves artistically, to create beautiful works that beautify the human figure, the environment, history, culture, technology, politics, literature, medicine and much more. With the advent of the Internet, the ability to upload one’s own work has allowed others to share beauty through the social media networks such as Facebook. Facebook allows users to show off their works of art through uploading pictures of themselves, friends, family or others. While this aspect of social media can be considered somewhat moderated in some ways, there are still many users posting photos of themselves, friends, family, beautiful works of art and so on in order to share beauty through this medium.

Beauty has reached a new level in the social media networks, where users are able to post not only pictures but written reviews about certain products and services as well. The beauty industry has seen a great rise in its popularity in recent years and has begun to utilize the social media outlets in order to reach out to a greater audience. As the fashion industry continues to grow, the importance of beauty trends will no doubt become even more pronounced among consumers.