The Growing Adult Video Game Market

Gaming has become increasingly popular among adults of all ages. It has become something of a popular pastime for those who have access to a variety of gaming devices. Video games are now sold in a variety of formats including discs, cassettes, and even the newest generation of high definition consoles that use no hard drive for storing games. The most recent console generation, the Xbox, uses one internal flash memory drive for all of the games and applications and requires no other type of media. Some older gaming consoles, however, require some form of media storage in order to read and operate the games.

Video gaming has become so popular that there are now thousands of specialty stores devoted to selling electronic games, accessories, and memorabilia related to this exciting hobby. Hobby shops, books, magazines, and websites have all become important new retail outlets for the increasing interest in gaming. There is even an emerging online industry devoted to this growing market. Numerous retailers are offering a wide selection of video games, computer games, consoles, and accessories from a variety of manufacturers.

To further expand the size of the video gaming market, numerous websites are starting to offer gaming information for customers and consumers alike. Video game news sites are beginning to provide reviews and up to date news on new and upcoming games. Many of these reviews are done by professional gaming experts who are not employees of the gaming company but instead are paid by the gaming website to review their products. Other websites, both online and off, are providing recommendations and opinions based on customer feedback and reviews. With this expanding and changing market, it is no wonder that so many adults are taking their love of gaming to the next level.